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Life After College — Lindsey's Story

Tell us a bit about yourself! How old are you, where are you from, where do you currently live, etc?


I graduated from the University of Arizona in May of 2018 and then moved out to Los Angeles in September of 2018 when I landed my first job in the music industry. It was kind of a crazy timeline, I got the job and had like a week to move, find a roommate and a place to live. I moved here on a Friday and actually started working the next day, before my first official first day.

Where did you go to college and what did you study? More importantly, why did you choose that degree?


I went to the University of Arizona and majored in eSociety with a thematic minor in business and psychology. In all honesty, I've learned more in my two and half years post grad, real world life than I did in college. I think college was great for me as it taught me work ethic, time management and overall life skills, but in terms of what I took away from my major? Not too much. I put a lot of stress on myself throughout college to pick the right major thinking it was going to define my life. I ended up switching my major a handful of times, but looking back now it's pretty funny as your major means nothing (minus medical, engineering, etc). I think what lands you a job post college is a handful of things including your internship experience, keeping up good grades throughout college, and a go getter mentality that employers can recognize.

Were there any major changes you experienced after graduating? If so, what have those experiences taught you?


Definitely. I've always been a planner, so it was super shocking to me when I graduated and still didn't have a job. I was so used to having everything in my life lined up, so when I graduated and didn't have a next step, it was the first time I truly felt lost and discouraged. That was also one of the first times I felt like, okay, it really is up to me to figure it out. You can't rely on anyone else to get you from point A to point B, and you truly have to put in the work. That time in my life of constantly applying to jobs, having interviews, and getting many, many no's, sucked in the moment, but looking back on it, it led me to where I am now, so it's all a lesson that I'm grateful for.

What does your ideal career path look like? What industry are you most passionate about?


I swear this is so everchanging for me. The more I tap into and work on, the more my answer evolves. I've always been into entertainment, pop culture, fashion, and digital media. The goal for me would be combining those worlds, whether that's through brand partnerships, content creation/ideation or brand strategy for innovative brands. I'm still at such an early stage in my career, so I'm all about learning and absorbing everything around me, and never saying no to an opportunity. You never know who you'll meet or what doors will be open when you try something new.

Are there any books, podcasts, or other resources that inspire you?


I'm really into self help, career driven, inspiring type content. I love love love Second Life by Hillary Kerr and The Skinny Confidential for career and life inspiration. I'm also obsessed with Armchair Experts by Dax Shepard, he asks such real questions and makes you feel like you're not alone with your problems. For books, I'm currently reading Blowing My Way to the Top by Jen Atkin, which has such good actionable career tips throughout.

I also would highly recommend following accounts that mentally fill you, and unfollowing/muting any accounts that bring you any bit of negativity. We are all on Instagram 24/7 and don't realize how much shit we consume, so there really is no time to fill it from people that genuinely don't bring you peace. I've muted so many people over the years so I don't even realize what I'm not seeing..ignorance is bliss.

If you could go back in time, what advise would you give to your younger self?


I'd tell myself to get out of my head and stop thinking so damn much - and stop worrying. Everything works out and worrying does absolutely nothing. I would also tell myself that social media is fake and not to let things I see get the best of me.

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