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Our journey started in 2020… the year that changed us all.

 After losing her job in the global pandemic, our founder Izzy launched nou with the purpose of helping people embrace uncertainty. Now we're on a mission to change the celebrating one change at a time.







Do you remember the first perfume you owned? As a little girl, I wore my Mum’s Chanel N°5 Perfume whenever I was scared. To this day, the classic feminine aroma still makes me feel brave in times of uncertainty. With nou, I wanted to recreate this powerful ritual of smell to help others face their fear of change.


When I left my home in New Zealand to start college in California, I was way over my head. Broke, scared, and on my own for the first time, I faced so many new changes that I felt like I was drowning. I decided I needed a mental shift, so I began buying myself a new candle or perfume for every change I experienced. The new scents made me feel brave like my Chanel N°5 perfume, but this time I had a different feeling attached to each change.  As a result, I started welcoming the uncertainty instead of fearing it. Once my attitude towards change CHANGED, I felt in control of my life again. Now I’m on a mission to encourage other young girls to celebrate change in order to write their own stories and discover their true potential.

Being in my early 20's, I can relate. We are constantly reinventing ourselves but we can’t afford to buy a new Chanel perfume every time we face change.That's why after after a year of listening, learning, and testing, I am so excited to offer a collection of high quality yet affordable candles for the ever-changing girl. Handmade by yours truly in my tiny Los Angeles bungalow, I carefully design each scent with your future memories in mind. I hope these candles help you as much as they have helped me in times of ambiguity. I’d love to hear your story! DM me on instagram at @noucandles or on my personal account, @izzystangl.



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