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Opening A Hair Salon — Jasmin's Story

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Tell us a little bit about your story!


My name is Jasmin Diaz, I live in Orlando, FL, and I  l o v e  to create. I'm obsessed with anything art -- I'm a massive music enthusiast, I play a few instruments, I love all things beauty, I'm obsessed with art and decor, and I even find my hands in crocheting every once in a while. 

I knew graduating high school I wanted to end up in an industry where I would never be bored or have to work the same day twice. I think that's where my journey into the beauty industry really began. I tried college for about a year and a half and couldn't really settle into anything I tried, which was even more of a push for me to get into the beauty industry. I loved the idea of being able to essentially create on a different canvas every day. I joined a cosmetology program in 2016 and never looked back!  


 Pictured above: A peak into Jasmin's salon in Orlando, Florida

What inspired you to start your salon?


After nearly five years in the industry, I decided to start my salon suite because it felt like such a good time for me to focus on myself and define what I really want to embody as a brand. I've been so blessed to work at some of the best salons in Orlando, and have been able to take all of my favorite things about each space and curate a space of my own, while incorporating things that I've never had in my salon experiences, like sustainability. I really craved a space where I could focus on bringing all of my favorite elements together and create an intimate, bespoke experience for my clients, and honestly, I just went for it. 


What was the most difficult part about starting?


The biggest challenge for me thus far has been making sure I'm operating a profitable business, versus a pretty space to do hair. I always go into everything 150%, but I know sometimes I can be too optimistic and get my head stuck in the clouds. I really had to make sure I had the right people backing me up and ensuring I'm making the right financial decisions. 

It's been a short amount of time since opening, and a lot of the time I still feel overwhelmed with the numbers behind decision making. But I'm committed to learning as I go, trusting the people on my team, and hopefully being able to scale this into something that will eventually be a space for others to learn and grow as well. 


 Pictured above: Products on display in Jasmin's salon, including her favorite nou chapter candle


What excites you most about the future of your business?


When I think about the future of my business, I think I really want to expand on all of the elements that I've worked on bringing into the space. My ultimate goal would be to open a larger-scale salon that would have a shoppe featuring sustainable goods as well as goods from local artists and smaller businesses. My small suite already incorporates art from a minimalist artist in Orlando that is available for purchase, I have NOU candles burning every work day, and I have a sustainable beauty program in place to eliminate up to 95% of beauty waste for my business. 

I think focusing on these small details really helps a business stand out and create a genuine one-of-a-kind experience. My ultimate goal is to create this bespoke environment for other stylists that are looking for the same things I would have been looking for in a workplace. I also deeply believe the key to success is bringing others with you, which is why incorporating more stylists and other businesses is so important to me. "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


 Pictured above: Jasmin's sustainable beauty program


What advice would you give to someone else looking to start their own thing?

If I could give any advice to anyone looking to start their own small business, it would be to not be afraid to take risks. You know your level of grind, your goals, and your aspirations better than anyone else, so making sure you stay true to that inner voice and not letting the perspective of others keep you from reaching for more or breaking that mold. 

Make a vision board of what you would want your brand to be or represent. Start to envision what your life would look like as a successful business owner and embody that. But also be prepared to work your ass off if things are slower than you anticipate. Reach out to people you see doing the same thing you want to do and see if they can answer any questions or give you any advice. Do research on the parts of business-ownership that you're most afraid of. You are absolutely going to do things wrong and make mistakes, but as long as you are willing to learn and adapt and not let those things consume you or your business, you will succeed! Starting something on your own is freakin' scary and intimidating, but it is SO rewarding. There is truly nothing quite like being your own boss! 


If you're interested in keeping up with Jasmin's nou start, be sure to follow @beautyxjasmin on Instagram!  



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