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Finding Your Dream Job — Anna's Story

How do you know when you’ve found your dream job, or if it’s time to make a change and trust in the magic of nou beginnings? We talked with Anna Dominguez about the bumpy road on the way to her dream job at Who What Wear

Here are Anna’s top three tips for finding your dream job


1. Never settle

There’s a common misconception among our generation that when you get a job you have to stick with it for at least a couple of years. In Anna’s words, “Understand when you’re not where you’re supposed to be and get the f*ck out. Don't stay in a job too long because you feel bad for leaving or you’re too comfortable—you’re just wasting opportunities and wasting time.”


2. Keep going

Even if you haven’t had the best of luck finding a job that’s meant for you, “Keep going and keep applying!” Reach out to people on Linkedin, go to networking events, and keep looking for new opportunities because they are always out there. Don’t be afraid of nou beginnings.


3. Have confidence in yourself

Knowing what she knows now, this is what Anna would have told her younger self  graduating college: “Have more confidence in your opinions and your ideas.” Take chances. Be bold. Speak out. People want to hear what you have to say. 


This is Anna’s story


Anna Dominguez is living her best life. She wakes up every morning, drinks her chai, and begins her workday as an editor for mega media platform, Who What Wear. If you’re one of the millions of people who have read Anna’s articles on Who What Wear, you’ll know she has passion for fashion (and writing.) From the outside, it may look like Anna has scored her own personal career jackpot—but life hasn’t always been so glamorous. So if you’re a confused college graduate, or simply stuck in a rut and don’t know why you haven’t found the perfect job yet, you’ll want to take notes. 

While studying at LMU, Anna dreamed of being Los Angeles’ next big celebrity PR agent. She thought she understood her calling in life, until an internship at one of LA’s top agencies exposed the entertainment industry as being “not glamorous whatsoever.” Instead of thriving at red carpet events, Anna found herself crying every day and questioning the meaning of her work. “I had to remind myself that this isn’t heart surgery—this is PR.” Anna realized that her “dream job” was actually a nightmare. So when she was offered a permanent role at the company, she turned it down and looked for a nou beginning. 

After graduating in 2017, Anna accepted her first full-time role as an account coordinator at a luxury travel PR agency. At the time, the idea of being paid to travel seemed much more promising than dealing with celebrity drama and cranky publicists. But after a year of feeling stressed and unsatisfied, Anna decided that her purpose in life wasn’t what she had originally imagined. “I realized I don’t want to be in PR, so I started applying for other jobs.” It was time for another nou beginning.

Third time’s a charm right? Err, not quite. Soon after Anna began working as a content editor for a lifestyle app, she knew she still hadn’t found her dream job. Giving up hope, Anna couldn’t help but think, “Why do I keep getting myself into these situations of accepting jobs I think I’m going to love and then end up not liking?” Her negative work life even began to impact her personal life. After a long and draining day at the office, Anna still felt unfulfilled. She took up hobbies such as painting and singing, in hopes to express her passion for creativity elsewhere and fill a void she was lacking at her job. But she was still miserable. When Anna recalls the day she was let go at 23 years old, she remembers it as “the best day of her life.” Why? Because even though yet another dream job didn’t work out, Anna still had faith in nou beginnings. 

Fast forward to today—Anna recently celebrated her one year anniversary with Who What Wear and is absolutely flourishing. She loves her team, respects her mentors, and finds true meaning in the work she produces. Anna is finally able to express her creativity at work, so at the end of the day she feels fulfilled and relaxed. 

How did this opportunity turn out differently than the rest? Well, Anna credits her current success to all of her past “dream jobs” that failed. Knowing that everything happens for a reason, Anna believes that “There’s no way a job can’t help you with your next position. Even if a job isn’t made for you, it can teach you lessons for the future. If I didn't take those first jobs, I wouldn't have landed my dream job at Who What Wear.” 

So if you’re on a quest to find the perfect job, take it from Anna—don’t be afraid to take chances, but also don’t be afraid to pivot if things aren’t working out. You are constantly changing as a person, which means it’s ok if your “dream job” changes too. Never settle, keep going, believe in yourself, and trust in the magic of nou beginnings. 




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